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“Grace and Glory” – Pas. Creflo Dollar


This past Sunday, my husband and I visited World Changers’ Church International in Atlanta, GA, and were dumbfounded. I have never in my life been to a church as massive and full of the Lord as WCCI.

We had the privilege to sit under Pastor Dollar’s preaching this Sunday. Coming from Ephesians 6:10-12 he shared the following:
– The key to success in spiritual warfare is yielding to the power and might of God
– If we feed ourselves faith when we don’t need it we will have an abundance when we do need it
– We have to recognize spiritual battles when we face them
– We are facing an unseen enemy
– There are more here for you than against you
– We are not fighting for victory…we are fighting from victory.
– We have been victorious since we entered into relationship with Him
– we need to trust in Christ
– James 4:6-7 we have to be careful not to let our religious activities overshadow the glory of God.
– God will give more grace to the humble
– The devil runs from he who submits to Gods favor over his own abilities and efforts
– I Peter 5:5-8 due season always comes: it’s not if but when
– Not every Christian is devourable!! Of Satan could devour everyone, he would haven’t had to seek…
– Grace enables us to win in spiritual warfare
– II Cor 12:8-9
– In order to be strong in His Strength, we have to be made weak in our own
– The devil will try to convince us that we are unqualified for the new covenant
– The only way the devil can succeed is if we try to qualify for what Jesus gave us with what we’ve done
– Legalism makes us more sin conscious and blocks the grace of God (Lk. 18:9-14)


“Putting God Back in the Church”


Recently, the condition and position of the Church has come into conversation, so I went back to review notes I took from some of my all-star preachers. Below are some sermons on godliness in the Church that were helpful to me. I pray you are blessed by these sermons.

“True Godliness” (Robert E. Baines, Jr.). I Cor.8:6-13

What is the measure of true godliness? True godliness is allowing the love of our brothers and sisters to trump my knowledge

I. God
– God is the source of all we have (salvation, health and strength, wealth, relationships).
– Can I handle being blessed? Do blessings decrease my praise?
– God is the aim of what we have, so all that we have should be directed to glorify God

II.  Love
– Our spiritual growth should revise our list of dos and don’ts.
– We need to measure up with the Word instead of the lies of church folk (most people aren’t as holy as they say).
– Although we are free from the law we still have rules.
– We have to love each other enough to put our freedom and knowledge on hold for our weaker brother.
– The strong have to flex to the weak not the other way around.
– We have to stop imposing our rules on others and start yielding.
– THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN WEAK AND WICKED and we need to pray for the wisdom to  discern between the two!
– We have to help the weak grow up or they will hold back the progress of the church’s growth.
– To “walk together in Christian love” require us to get up!
– We have too many professional Christian kindergarteners in the Church!!
– Ephesians 4:11-15 (our love has to start from the top and dwindle to the bottom)

“Sacrificial Praise” (Robert E. Baines, Jr.) Hebrews 13:15-16

I.  Jesus
– Whatever we do we have to do it through Jesus
– Worship is done by saved folk, so…how many people are in our church “worshipping” without being saved?
– We have to stop being novelty churches and become Word churches
II. Praise
– We are to praise Him and not our circumstances
– We ought to come to church to fly above the turbulence of our life’s issues in worship
– We need to give God anticipatory praise
– Our praise has to be continuous
– Am I a fair-weather worshipped or a crisis clapper? We shouldn’t be either
– I Cor. 14:26: Everybody should bring SOMETHING to build the fire of worship!
III. Ministry
– We have to be good for more than making noise during the worship service in Sundays
– We cannot afford to ignore all of the ministry opportunities available in the church

“Whose House? God’s House!” (Antione Hutchins) Mk. 11:12-18

– No matter who comes or goes, this is Gods house!
– If you can’t do it for Jesus, you won’t be able to do it for anyone else!
– Some of us need to learn how to be quiet and trust God. Just because He doesn’t address it right then doesn’t mean He won’t.
– Speaking before God shows immaturity
– Don’t speak when Gods talking…you won’t be able to hear
I. The Reputation of His House
– People should come to our church because the spirit of God is here not because of who’s here
II. The Responsibility of His House
– We have to take the focus off of people and put it on God
– We need to stop gossiping and start praying
III. The Reality of His House
– Has the church become a hideout for mess?!
– We cannot use worship as a substitution for the work that we have to do