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“When God Makes a Promise” – Rev. J.D.H. Hunter


Our Pastor, Rev. J.D.H. Hunter, came from Genesis 21:1-8 to preach a very timely and encouraging Mother’s Day sermon. Here are his sermon’s highlights:

–          When God makes a promise it is definite. It is what He’s determined will happen in our lives, not what we determined will happen in our lives.

  • Don’t confuse your ambitions with God’s promises. WE DON’T SPEAK FOR GOD.

–          God takes our blessings out the realm of impossibility and puts it into the realm of His reality.

  • …but we still have to deal the realities of now…
  • For God to bless us with the impossible, we need to improve our faith

–          God blesses us with impossible for us and through us

  • Are we capable of participating in a miracle?
  • To get the miracle, we have to hold the weight of it through the process

–          We are going through a pregnancy process involving conception, labor and delivery

  • Conception: Are we receiving what God’s planted in our lives for us?
  • Labor: This requires pain, sweat and blood.
    • What do you do when the medium for your process deteriorates while you what?
    • Do we have an Abraham mentality (If God said it…)?
  • Delivery: Can we endure the necessary process to deliver the conceptualized promises of God?
  • The God of promises is the God of the process.
    • He gives power to the participants.

–          When God makes a promise, remember:

  • When it Needs to Work, It Will
    • The situation doesn’t have to look good, but God will make it work at the right time (Sarah was getting older and her womb seemed to be too weak to hold the baby, but God made her womb and body strong and healthy enough to carry the promised son)
    • You’re Not Going to Die in the Process
      • God ensures us we’ll see our promise in the reality!! (Why put us through the pain of the process to not see it come to fruition?)
      • We need someone to encourage us through the process

–    Are you surrounded by faith builders or faith blockers?

  • If God Says It, That Settles It!

“Resurrection Praise” – Dr. Robert E. Baines, Jr.


On Resurrection Sunday, my father, Dr. Robert E. Baines, Jr., preached his face off!!! Coming from Luke 24 with a sermonic focus on verses 50-53, his thesis was “we ought to be mindful of Jesus’ resurrection and our praise. Here are his sermon’s highlights:

–          Something about the resurrection ought to force us out of hiding and into praise

I. Jesus’ Resurrection

  • No matter how messy we though Calvary was, the world we live in is messier.
    • We need the mess of Calvary to cleanse the mess of this world

–          The blood does more than any law or money could ever do for our problems

–          Get your nose out the air, because everyone from the rapist to the liar needs the blood to be cleansed

  • While we needed His death for salvation, we needed His resurrection for assurance that He keeps His promises
    • His resurrection lets us know that the Father accepted His payment and gives confirmation to His teachings

–          We don’t have to be afraid of death, we now know there’s new life in Christ

II. Our Praise

  • Hiding (The Disciples)
    • Do we avoid full contact with God because we fear persecution?
    • Do we hide out of shame for the sins we’ve committed in the past?
    • Since Christ has risen, we can come out of hiding.

–          There’s no point in hiding from God: He can see you.

–          There’s no point in hiding from church folks: they’re sinners just like you.

  • Coming Out (The Temple)
    • Once you get out of hiding, come to the church house, look past the people and worship God
    • The disciples came back to the place full of the very same people who crucified Jesusand worshipped God, because IT WASN’T ABOUT THE PEOPLE, IT WAS ABOUT BEING IN HIS TEMPLE
      • Are we capable of focusing on God completely during worship?

–          Stay focused on the Lord


–          Church folks might be messed up, but at least they’re in the hospital.

  • Praising Him (The Praise)
    • Don’t wait until your “Sunday” to praise Him!

–          He’s been “sure nuff” good even if He does nothing else

–          Don’t fool yourself into thinking you’ve had any part of your resurrection; it’s all Him

  • God wants lips of praise, but He also wants LIVES OF PRAISE
  • The resurrection gives us power to press through our life’s death until He gives us victorious resurrections