“The Suffer’s Shout”- Rev. P.A. Pointer


Rev. Pointer preached from Psalms 66:8-12 on the second night of our New Year’s Revival. As I said in the last post, I’ll give my reflection on all three sermons collectively in a separate post.

Here are the highlights of Thursday’s sermon:

–          God is at the bottom of our trouble (stop blaming it on spiritual inadequacy and/or the Devil).

o   He is the mastermind of life’s mystery.

§  His orchestration of misery is proof of His favor.

§  One of the best ways for Him to develop us is through difficulty.

o   Life’s difficulties are designed to develop our character.

§  Stop having selected memory and realize that all things are working for our good!!

–          Sufferers ought to shout because suffering teaches us that:

1.       We Can’t Be Destroyed By What We’re Going Through

o   In order to give our testimony, we had to survive it!

o   He doesn’t guarantee the upkeep of our exterior, but He does promises to keep our soul!

o   Earthly blessings fade, but the soul never deteriorates!

o   Our shout should be based on who has us, not what we have!

o   God is a stabilizer (He guards, guides and keeps our steps sure): Direction and Destination belong to Him


§  God sabotages our plans as shade from the heat we can’t handle. He’s what we need when we need it.

  • His identity is static, but His manifestation is dynamic! J

2.       I’m Being Developed by What I’m Going Through

o   God has tailored our troubles to the perfect temperature that will burn out our imperfections without burning the purity He sees in us.

§  He leaves us in the fire until He looks at us and sees His reflection. CAN GOD SEE HIS REFLECTION ON YOU?? UNTIL THEN, YOU’LL STAY IN THE FIRE!!!

o   God takes us to our nets (points of limitation).

§  He uses the points that our feelings of inferiority are exposed to show us His majesty and remind us of our identity in Him! J

o   He orchestrates afflictions to keep us humble.

3.       I Will be Delivered from What I’m Going Through

o   If we could get ourselves out, we wouldn’t need deliverance.

o   Don’t get discouraged by closed doors, God’s go the keys to the doors we need to get in!

o   How could we know He’s a problem-solver if we never had any problems?



About preachersnob

Daphene, 25, is a graduate of the University of Dayton and currently finishing her last year of the MPA program. She and her husband, Alex, are active members of Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church in Dayton, OH, under the leadership of Rev. Jamison D.H. Hunter. The daughter of Rev. Dr. Robert E. Baines Jr and Mrs. Daphene Baines, she has been active in the Black Baptist Church all of her life. "While worship is great, there's nothing greater than to hear God's voice in a sermon! I love sharing this with others and I hope this site is helpful" - Daphene

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