“How to Become a Vessel of Honor” – Pastor J.D.H. Hunter


At Calvary Baptist Church’s “Vessels of Strength, Pillars of Faith” Women’s of Faith Conference on October 27, 2010, my pastor actually preached when we were just expecting a lecture. Coming from II Timothy 2:15-26, he entitled his sermon “How to be a Vessel of Honor”.

Here are his sermon’s highlights:

–          There is no thrill like the thrill of being used by God.

–          Anybody can be used as an instrument of God.

–          Being a vessel will cause some people to walk away from us.

–          We need to reach to young Timothys and Tiffanys as vessels of God.

–          God uses everything, including demons, to show His power.

–          How to become a vessel of honor we have to build on a Firm Foundation:

  • We’ve been sealed by the Holy Spirit.
    • God knows who His people are.
      • Those who are His must depart from evil.
  • You can’t build without studying.
    • Studying causes us to come from among the world.
    • God leaves us where we are to minister to those around us, but we have to have a Word to witness.
  • You can’t build without purifying and cleansing yourself.
    • When we purify ourselves, God can use us for greater works.
    • If our interior is right, we draw people to us.
  • Every Christian must think of him/herself as a servant.
    • We can’t be God, but we should live in pursuit of His attributes.
      • We have to move from carnal ways.
  • The more we follow what’s good; the more we easily flee from evil.
  • We need to move from preaching to teaching when dealing with those in the wrong.
  • Sinner will forever be slaves to Satan until they repent!
    • We have to pray for forgiveness daily!
  • We have to stay away from senseless controversy.
  • We must know the truth, how to articulate the truth and be able to take injury.
    • Can you handle the rebukes coming back as easily as you can dish rebukes out?
  • Are you capable of being God’s vessel daily?

Snob’s Reflection:

To start our series on sanctification, I thought this sermon was appropriate and timely. One of my favorite songs is “Available to You” by Rev. Milton Brunson and the Thompson Community Singers. The chorus says “Lord I’m available to you. My will I give to you. I’ll do what you say do. Use me Lord to show someone the way, and enable me to say: My storage is empty, and I am available to You”. The song is beautiful and moves me every time I hear it, but for the longest time, and even sometimes now, I was singing these lyrics and lying. I wanted God to use me, but not really. I wanted the exaltation, but not the humility. Pastor Hunter’s sermon addresses some serious issues that I have struggled and am still struggling with. The fact that I desire to be God’s vessel doesn’t guarantee perfection, unfortunately. While I desire to be like Him, my flesh blocks me from so much. Even as I mature, I continuously am made aware of my inadequacies, fleshly desires, pessimism, anger, lack of compassion and impatience. How can God use someone like me? I always find myself asking questions like that, but then I’m reminded that God can use anyone and anything. It’s not about the color, shape, size or designs on the vessel that matters to Him, but its usage. The prettiest vessel can be used for evil. I have to continue to allow Him to pour inside of me to do His work to His glory, not other people or the media or societal standards…just Him. As long as I continue to be a vessel of God, He’ll take care of the rest. What are you a vessel of? What’s pouring into you? Have you built on the right foundation? Are you giving Word in your rebuke or just your own unsupported personal convictions? Until we learn to purify ourselves, study and humble ourselves to servanthood, we’ll never be used as a vessel of God.


About preachersnob

Daphene, 25, is a graduate of the University of Dayton and currently finishing her last year of the MPA program. She and her husband, Alex, are active members of Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church in Dayton, OH, under the leadership of Rev. Jamison D.H. Hunter. The daughter of Rev. Dr. Robert E. Baines Jr and Mrs. Daphene Baines, she has been active in the Black Baptist Church all of her life. "While worship is great, there's nothing greater than to hear God's voice in a sermon! I love sharing this with others and I hope this site is helpful" - Daphene

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