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“I’m Too Real to Fake It” – Bishop Joseph W. Walker III


The day of my wedding, I attend Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church, with my sister, aunt and bridesmaids, since I couldn’t see Alex and Alex couldn’t see me. At the end of the service, Pastor Bryant informed us that his spiritual father, Bishop Walker of Tennessee, would be in town for his pastoral anniversary. He showed us a clip of his most noted sermons as I, being the preacher snob that I am, jumped at the opportunity. This sermon, to say the least, was dynamic, challenging and entertaining. Coming from Acts 17: 16-29, Walker entitled his sermon “I’m too Real to Fake it”.

Here are the sermon’s highlights:

– When your relationship with God gets real, you get irritated by fake Christians. You get tired of foolishness in the Church and with churchfolk.

– What we’ve done doesn’t matter; it’s all about what we’re going to do.

– When you’ve been converted you can’t keep your newness undercover, people will see your new anointing. With conversion comes conviction.

 – Being real makes us choose relationship over religion…

   o Professional church-goers aren’t serious about developing a relationship with God.

   o Do I have to be seen to show out for God? Can I worship alone, or does there have to be large crowd for me to  give Him glory?

   o God doesn’t care about the length of our prayer, He cares more about our prayer’s strength.

   o Pretentiousness makes us powerless!

   o Religion makes us rely on our priest instead of the priesthood! Does your relationship with God depend on your pastor?

   o Relationship gives us the power to touch our own bodies and be healed. While we should thank God for shepherds, we ought not forget that God can move in our situations with or without a pastor at your bedside.

   o Religion makes us chase stuff, but relationship makes stuff chase us!

– Being real changes…

   o Our theology: ARE YOU GUILTY OF IGNORANTLY WORSHIPPING AN UNKNOWN GOD?  How can you worship something you don’t know? How can you worship something you haven’t experienced?

       – We have to move beyond worshipping the God of our parents, of our neighbors, or our pastor… we have to worship our God!

   o Our ecclesiology:

      – The way we view God is reflectant in the way we view the Church. GOD IS BIGGER THAN THE SANCTUARY!

   o Our ideology:

     – We are the Church. Wherever we go… God goes. We have to stop being Sunday Christians.

     – God doesn’t need us, rather He gives us the opportunity to serve Him as a privilege to us. Don’t let your pretentiousness get in the way of service and blessings.

   o Our sociology: 

     – God wants us to live and worship united, despite our differences.

– We have to stop trying to experience God carnally. He doesn’t live in our earthly realm, so we can’t feel Him in an earthly way. Get on God’s level, and you’ll experience Him! o He will fill us once we stop feeling the world.

– When we allow ourselves to be worshipped, we cannot worship God for real. Humility is the only attitude of worship. – You have to enter in worshipping.

Snob’s Reflection:

Bishop Walker, Bishop Walker…I want to move to Tennessee!!! So much of what he said spoke into my current situation. I am doing this series on worship, because I understand that worship is one of the best forms of communication to God, and I really am working, as I said before, on developing a deep, intimate relationship with God, so I can truly understand His calling on my life. The idea of being “real” with God is something, as a churchgoer, that is not always encouraged. You don’t want people in your business and you don’t want people looking down on you, so being real in worship is sometimes intimidating. It wasn’t until recently that I started to embrace this concept, and the sermons I’ve been hearing these past few months have been serving as confirmation to my conviction (thank you God!). If we want God to work in our real situations, we have to be real with Him! You can’t come to God bougie and want Him to get on your level! As Bishop Walker said, pretentiousness makes us powerless. When we exalt ourselves, we’re not exalting God. By not exalting Him we say we don’t think He has power, but we do. We don’t have enough power to handle life’s challenges on our own, but we can always be victorious when we request the power of God, but to take on His power, we’ve gotta get rid of our own.

Walker’s distinction between religion and relationship was very eye-opening and confirming. For a while, I have been struggling with the idea of being religious over being spiritual. I don’t think God’s plan is for us to abandon the Church, but I do think He wants us to move beyond allowing the Church to affect our relationship with Him. The Church was designed to strengthen our spiritual relationships with God, not break them. When we allow our interactions in the church or the people in the church to effect our relationship with God, we show that our relationship with God is not for real. When you have a real and a strong relationship with God people in the church, even your leaders, will not affect how you see God, how you worship God or what you do for God. This is not to say that you shouldn’t allow people in the church to expose you to different sides of God or to share their testimonies or to challenge you to give God more. This is to say, rather, that the Church is designed to strengthen your relationship, not break it.

Finally, Bishop Walker’s reference to the “unknown God” which Paul references in text is, as Walker so eloquently taught, the historical God which followers of Socrates worshipped after He was martyred. He is refered to as the “unknown God”, because only Socrates experienced God. He then told his followers about Him, but they never experienced Him although they worshipped just as Socrates worshipped. We have to move beyond worshipping a God we don’t know! It’s not difficult to do this. By studying and by praying we learn more and more about God. We learn to identify His voice, we gain His peace, understanding, boldness, direction, wisdom and so much more just by, simply, reading His word and praying for His vision. So, overall I loved this sermon and it left me with the following convictions: 1. What’s number one on my list, relationship or religion? While I do believe or denomination is part of our identity in God, I don’t think it should define our relationship. 2. Am I being pretentious? Have I found the balance between being independent while trusting God and throwing my issues to God while fully submitting to God? 3. Am I worshipping somebody else’s God, or am I worshipping a God that I know? 4. How do I interact with God? Do I try to feel Him in the way I feel human beings or do I pray for an experience in His realm? 5. Am I showcasing the Church, on a daily basis, in a way that Christ would desire me to?


” A Call to Service” – Pastor Jamison D. H. Hunter


So this week I am focusing the posted sermons on the topic of worship. Naturally, I am going to start the series off with my pastor, Pastor Hunter of Macedonia.

Coming from the very familiar text of Romans 12:1, Pastor Hunter preached a challenging sermon on Sunday, June 27, 2010 entitled “A Call to Service”.

Here are his sermon’s highlights:

  • Being in charge doesn’t make God skip our mess. Our position doesn’t prohibit hard times from coming in our direction.
  • God will put us under spiritual arrest when we become guilty of sewing half-heartedly.
  • Four things about the Call:
  1. Answering God’s Divine Invitation
  • God has a habit of interrupting our program. Our will has no pull over His will. We can plan all we want, but He gets the final say when work needs to be done.
  • To get what He’s got we have to answer the call! You can’t get the blessing/manifestation without putting in the work.
  1. Understanding His Motivation
  • We get new mercies every day! Not just one mercy, but infinite mercies, daily! He’s not like us. Regardless of how we act, He continues to show us new mercies in different areas that we haven’t earned.
  1. Making the Right Presentation
  • If you lose your life for God, you’ll realize you had nothing to lose!
  • God’s invitation is to death to life as you know it. He wants more than your money; He wants your whole body.
  1. Living in Celebration
  • Our ability to worship God is reflectant of what we do with our bodies.
  • What am I doing with my body? Who am I living for?

 Snob’s Reflection:

So worship is one of my favorite sermon topics, because I am growing into a very intimate relationship with God right now. I think it got easier for me once I got married (not that I’ve been married that long), because I’m in the process of developing an intimate relationship with my husband. So much of intimacy involves your body, but not in the way we would think as humans. God wants us to use every resource we have to worship Him and I relate that to my relationship with my husband. So, yes I give my husband my body sexually, but it goes beyond that. Taking care of my body as a gift to him, sharing my time, sharing my thoughts, my emotions, my money, my daily activities with him is a part of our intimacy and because I give, he gives. With God, He gave first though (wow, it didn’t hit me until I typed this)! God gave us His time by providing a 24-hour line for our requests, fears and praise through prayer, He shares His thoughts and emotions through the Bible, money/prosperity through every resource made and in the process of being made for us, daily interaction through His presence in all places, His comforter; and His body through His son Christ’s sacrifice on the cross and the Body of Christ left for us to interact, eat and grow with here on earth, through the Church. God is just so awesome, and yet He wants our help. Not even our help, but our services. He’s placed a unique calling on each of our lives, but it’s our responsibility to answer. We have been blessed to be a blessing, but many of us stop at the blessed part. We’re like “thanks for deliverance, Lord, got a lot to do, so…I’ll catch later with the blessing others part once I’m done with this stuff over here…”. It doesn’t work that way. As Pastor Hunter said, God has a habit of interrupting our program, so we can either get on  board with His will now or just keep getting our program messed up until we get it. It’s your choice. My favorite and the most challenging part of the sermon for me was point three, Making the Right Presentation when Pastor Hunter said if you lose your life for God, you’ll realize you have nothing to lose. This statement is so true, but so challenging. Who wants to give up their life? We’ve put in sweat, blood and tears for our life, so there’s no desire to lose all we worked for. I’ve learned, and am still learning, that our life doesn’t belong to us. Since I’ve started to let go of the reigns to my life, I’ve experienced joy and peace that I’ve never experienced before! God doesn’t desire us to live lives of anxiety, stress and depression, but we put these demons in our lives when we stop trusting God to be the captain of our ship. So, who’s your captain? Who are you living for? Are you answering God’s call? What is His call on your life? Where is He calling you to go? Are the stresses of life the result of your disobedience to God? Remember, God has put out the invitation, we have to answer. Once we answer, we understand His motivation, then we have to make the proper presentation and live in celebration.

“The God of Much More” – Pastor Jamison D. H. Hunter


Sermon one of his prayer series, Pastor Hunter started off with a dynamic sermon entitled “The God of Much More” based off of Ephesians 3:20-21. In light of my last few entries, I felt this sermon would be timely although it’s from August 22, 2010.

Here are the sermon highlights:

  • If we just stop to read our owner’s manual (the Bible), we’ll discover that God is able to do more than we thought He could. He is able to do more than we can ask and He is able to do those things we just can handle on our own.
  • To experience this we must understand three things:

              1. God’s Ability

                 – Depression and anxiety show that we are not recognizing that He is able.

                – He is capable of engaging all things in our life.

                – God said whatever we need….He’s that!

               WHAT’S YOUR ASKING POWER? God can give you the desires of your heart, but can you ask? For how much?

              – If we believe in His ability, why are we praying such small prayers?

             – It’s time to ask God for God-sized blessings.

             – Keep asking and you’ll keep receiving.

           – Our thoughts are bigger than our articulation. His ability is bigger than our thoughts and our articulation, but He can give us more than we can ask for or even think about!

      2. God’s Answer: His Power and His People


           – There are no problems that can deplete God’s power, so just give Him the reigns.

           – We have resurrecting power over dead situations when we (and only if we) pray.

       3. God’s Aberration: Our Response

           – There is only one way to respond to the ability and answers of God: with rejoicing!

           – If anybody ought to be thankful, it oughta be us!

Snob’s Reflection:

I have never considered myself to be a “weak Christian”, but I have definitely been doing a lot of growing spiritually since Pastor Hunter’s been around. Partly because of the time in my  life he came (college graduation, parents moving>real independence, getting married, etc), but mainly because he challenges me to grow in areas that I felt were elementary, but am now learning that they are fundamental and need to be addressed and strengthened before you can more to more flowery aspects of your relationship with God. Areas like faith, tithing, prayer and worship are important, but I though I had those things in the bag, until He really spelled it out and I realized that I was just going through the motions, but not really giving God any glory. So this sermon, the first sermon, in His prayer series definitely challenged me in ways that I, honestly, didn’t want to be challenged. I know that I’m supposed to pray and I know that when I have a problem I’m supposed to bring it to God and leave it there, but I don’t always want to. Honestly, sometimes I don’t want to talk to God. Sometimes I feel like He’s punishing me and like a child who’s being disciplined by its parent, I don’t want to talk to Him. Sometimes I let the control-freak in me take-over and don’t wanna bring it to Him, because I’m afraid He’ll mess it up. I’m afraid He’ll come in and change things and redirect all of the work I’ve done to get things the way they are. Pastor Hunter’s sermon definitely forced me to be real with myself asking the question WHAT IS MY PRAYING POWER? opened my eyes. Jesus said that we have not, because we ask not. Are you in the situation you’re in or not in the situation you think you should be in, because you’re trying to do things yourself? Are you asking God for things you want or are you asking others? Are you bringing big and small things to God? Are you praying with confidence? Are you rejoicing when He gives you answers, peace, and blessings? When you are dealing with dilemmas, personal struggles, family problems, work-relations, etc, remember that God has power, ability and will have an aberation.

“A Few Things Before We Go In” – Bishop Mark C. Mcguire, Sr.


So, on Sunday, September 19, 2010, I visited St. Paul Global Outreach Ministries, of Dayton, OH, to see one of my best friends from high school get married. With no intentions of staying for the entire service, I went and enjoyed the wonderful worship service and cried tears of joy through Krista and Michael’s wedding. Somehow I got caught up in the service and, before I knew it, Bishop Mcguire was up reading the text. As a PK, I know how rude it is to get up and leave during the sermon especially if you’ve had opportunities during offering, announcements, and what-not to leave, so I sat and, somewhat reluctantly, prepared for this sermon.

Bishop Mcguire preached from Numbers 13:26-30, the story of the report back to Moses and Aaron by the Israelite men who had explored Canaan prior to their invasion, and Hebrews 11:6.

Here are the highlights from this sermon:

  • When we forget what we’re going through, we forget what we’re going to. Don’t get caught up in your past, but don’t forget what and where you came from. When we pretend we haven’t struggled, it takes away from our victory.
  • To manifest, you must have expectancy and anticipation. One without the other is not enough for manifestation! Expectancy is defined as the prospect of a future possession and anticipation is realization in advance. Imagine realizing something in advance, but not knowing what or having a prospect of something great without realizing it’s for you or when it’s coming…
  • You can’t come to church for nothing. Why waste your time getting up and getting dressed-up on Sunday morning if you aren’t expecting something life-changing?
  • We have to change our relationship with God in order to move to another level. Just like earthly relationships, unless if you fix broken aspects of your relationship with God, it can’t get better.
  • “Church-mindedness” prevents us from moving forward in God. Don’t become guilty of letter traditions overcome your relationship.
  • Can you recognize the nudge of God over the nudges of the world or the nudges of selfish desires?
  • God will hold us on the brink of our promises until we repent. Our blessings are unmerited rewards that God gives to the righteous, forgiven sinner, not to the sinner who thinks grace is an excuse to sin without repenting. No blessings on credit.
  • In order for the church to be strong, the members have to be healthy. While others may not see our individual issues, they definitely affect the church. You sin hinders your ministry and it is your ministry that helps hold up the church.
  • WE MUST HAVE A POSSESSIVE MINDSET TO BE A PART OF THE KINGDOM! If you are nonchalant about the kingdom of God, you’re not helping the kingdom.
  • We have to stop getting caught up in our mess. Our mess is what helps build the kingdom. MESS > MESSAGE > MESSENGER! A MESSENGER IS A MESS IN GEAR. USE YOUR MESS ARE PREPARATION TO ENTER THE KINGDOM GOD HAS FOR YOU.

Snob’s Reflection:

So this sermon was eye-opening for me. It’s been a long time since I heard a sermon from Bishop Mcguire. Mcguire has a unique ability to cover pastoral concerns while still convicting and encouraging the believers. The most notable areas of his sermon for me were the ideas of expectancy with anticipation and coming to church for something.  ANTICIPATION WITH EXPECTANCY: Probably about this time last year, Rev. Lakendra Hardware (soon to be posted on the site) preached a sermon about expectancy saying that we have to stop serving a small God. God is bigger than any issue we encounter, so we have to stop insulting Him by not expecting Him to handle our problems. I struggled with this idea and still do, because sometimes my issues seem stupid compared to the issues of others and I don’t want to bother Him, or I’ve asked God for help with the issue and He hasn’t fixed them on my time, so I feel like He’s forgotten or ignored me. We have to continue to be patient and have confidence that God has a plan for our lives even when they don’t align with our plans. COMING TO CHURCH WITH SOMETHING: Growing up as PK, church attendance was not optional. I would have to go to church on days that my parents let me stay home sick from school. Even now, if I’m sick or super exhausted, I still go to church at 7:15 AM every Sunday and 6:30PM every Wednesday, because I’m supposed to, but I’m not necessarily looking for anything. I’m just going to go. Bishop Mcguire’s recommendation to come for something is challenging, and falls right in line with my first issue, expectancy. While I may be looking for a blessing from God, I don’t always show up expecting it from God. This is definitely an area I have been growing in, especially in worship. I have been trying, for the past few weeks, to worship with a result in mind. It’s definitely helped me to worship harder, stronger and with real devotion. So, what’s the blessing/breakthrough God has for you? Has He promised you a new job, a new ministry, relationship, degree…? Learn to recognize His nudge when He’s sending you somewhere and prepare for your entry by getting healthy, fixing your relationship with Him, entering His sanctuary with anticipation and expectancy, being more kingdom-minded, and remembering where you come from.

“Made for More” – Pastor Pierre du Plessis


Last month, I visited my aunt’s church in Rochester, NY, The Father’s House and heard an outstanding, motivating sermon, by her pastor, Pierre du Plessis, entitled “Made for More”. This sermon was part one of a series their church is doing. While I wish I could’ve heard the following sermons, Rochester’s a bit far away for me.

 Here are the highlights of his sermon:

– Philippians 3:20: we’re citizens of heaven! Stop trying to live like those around you. Don’t allow societal standards to affect your godly relationships.

– Romans 12:12: our culture does not promote holiness. You cannot mix God’s ways with the world’s ways. You have to choose!

– Genesis 2:18: Loneliness is destructive! Satan is most powerful in our moments of loneliness.

  •                  God made us incomplete, so that we would have a constant yearning for Him. This yearning can only be satisfied with Him, no matter how much we attempt to fill it with people and things.
  •                As a Church, we have to move from independence to interdependence in each other, for the kingdom’s sake.

– Ephesians 3:14-15: God’s unit mist stay connected! 

        – God’s plan for the family unit was made perfect, but has been corrupted by the sins of man. Marriage is pleasing in the eyes of God, but He has designed us to be equally yoked and to grow together in God, not individually.

– I Timothy 3:15: the family of God is the Church. We need to be deeply rooted in OUR CHURCH.

– Dangerous Spirits that Damage the Church:

    1. Spirit of Individualism: “Your needs supersede the needs of all others”

         – Every member of the Body of Christ carries a unique responsibility. In order for the Body to operate, you have to carry your weight and acknowledge that it’s necessary for the function of the Body.

         – We need to move to being more concerned about the Body than ourselves.

2. Spirit of Consumerism: “The man with the most money is god”

          – When we take on the spirit of consumerism as Christians, we make the Church disposable. 
          – We are responsible for keeping the spirit of connectivity in our families as God does for us.

          – Has the spirit of the world caused us to jump from church to church?

         – Stop running when you should be changing!

        – We have fallen guilty of prostituting the Body of Christ: milking each church for spiritual highs, paying an offering, then moving to the next church when we can’t get that high at our current church.

      – You cannot shop for pastors; God appoints them to you!

– Psalms 192:13-14: Disconnection isn’t a sign of the end of relationship; rather it is a sign of the enemy’s attempt to isolate us from the Body of Christ!

       o When you feel disconnected from your church draw closer to God. Don’t run to another church!

        o Our growth is planted and nurtured in the house of God. If you are not rooted in a church, who’s watering the seed God’s planted in you?

Snob’s Reflection:

WOOOWWW! This sermon is just so convicting, so real and so timely for our community and the Black Church! I have fallen prey to the spirit of consumerism before. Thinking that if I feel disconnected from my church, then I can jump on to the next church, but that’s not God’s will for us. He assigns each of us to a certain body in order to match our needs and to help that body grow, in order to benefit the entire Body of Christ. Especially as young adults, the need to belong is a dangerous need that God has given us. We yearn for relationship, but have a hard time identifying what relationship we need. God’s not telling us to go find a man, find a woman, and find a different church, new house, new city. He’s telling us to draw closer to Him. If He wants you to move or start something new, He’ll be clear in His instructions. I think too many of us are lost right now, because we’ve allowed the enemy to plant the seed of disconnection in our relationships and we’ve moved when God’s told us not to. So, because we wanted to get a new “high” we jumped to the next church, the next man, the next job, the next house! And now GOD HAS TO GO BACK AND FIX UP ALL THE HEARTACHE, THE PAIN, THE EMPTINESS, BRUISES, SCARS AND INSECURITIES WE’VE ALLOWED THE ENEMY TO PLANT IN US IN THIS FOREIGN TERRITORY GOD NEVER DESIGNED YOU TO BE IN, AND PREPARE YOU FOR THE NURTURING AND GROWTH AND BLESSINGS YOU WOULD HAVE BENEFITED FROM IF YOU WOULD HAVE ONLY STAYED PUT!! (Sorry. I’m speaking from life experiences, ya). So, where are your right now? Have you moved because God told you to move? Are you staying put because God said stay put? Really think about what you’re doing in your relationships; whether they be in your church, in your ministry, in your family, with your friends, at you job, wherever. God’s predestined our moves. The more we fall off His course, the more He has to do to get us back on track! Ask yourself, “What was I made for? Am I living up to what God made me to be?” We were made for more. Open yourself to Him so you can get what He’s got for you!

“The Worthship of Worship” – Rev. Jamison D. H. Hunter


So, this Sunday, my pastor just decided to open it alllll…. the way up during service! Coming from the 150th Psalms; Pas. Hunter preached on “The Worthship of Worship”.

Here are the highlights of this dynamic, dead-serious sermon:

– Our focus in worship shouldn’t be our pastor or our favorite song. Rather, our focus in worship should be God. How many times have you opted out of going to worship because your pastor wasn’t there or because the choir wasn’t singing something you didn’t like or it wasn’t your choir’s Sunday to sing? GOD IS THE FOCUS OF TRUE WORSHIP!

– God orders worship:

  1. By the place: In Psalms 150, God orders that we worship in two places: the sanctuary and under the heavens OR everywhere! This brings about two valid questions: What do you enter His sanctuary (the Church) for? and Do you stop praise at the entrance/exit of the church entrance? If we praised God throughout the week, we wouldn’t have an issue praising on Sunday! God meets us everywhere, even in strange places, so make sure you’re praising when He meets you.
  2. By the purpose: God’s deliverance, faithfulness and promises should be reason enough for us to praise Him continually. If these three things aren’t enough, there’s always SALVATION! We have been mandated to praise God, so whether you feel like it or not, we have to praise God.
  3. By the practice: Praise is for the ambience of God not us. Who cares if the music is not conservative/contemporary enough for you; it’s not for you! God likes music. Loud, triumphant music. If you cannot sing triumphant with the music (and over it) you might not  need to be up in the choir singing. Worship should be initiated by our devotion, not emotion.
  4. By the participants: Hold your breath for four seconds……………….ok. Now exhale. You’ve just met the only pre-requisite for the praise of God. There is no excuse to not praise God if you have breath in your body. If you don’t praise God, the rocks will cry out for you! We need to get the point of giving God our whole heart in worship, not sitting as spectators to those who are.

Snob’s Reflection:

 So as, I said in my intro, Pastor Hunter really pulled out some serious issues that we try to ignore in the church. I love to worship God, but not until recently did I realize that worship should be initiated by devotion instead of emotion. I always praise God in His sanctuary and try to praise Him everywhere else, but I wouldn’t really worship unless if I felt emotion overcoming me. Like I don’t think you should “fake it until you feel it”, but I do think there’s so much to be thankful for that it shouldn’t take a mighty force to get us to worship Him with spirit and truth. This is something I’ve been challenging myself to do, and have definitely noticed the difference. Before, when I led praise and worship, I would sing and if I felt strong emotions, I’d worship, but if I was having a bad day, I was sick, the crowd was dead or the song wasn’t going well, I’d just end without even attempting to worship God. I figured I got the praise out the way, so no need for the worship. These past two weeks, I’ve definitely noticed the change in my worship on Sunday and throughout the week. I leave each encounter feeling more filled with God than ever before, because I’m actually showing up with the expectancy of an encounter EVERYTIME instead of if I’m feeling well or feeling like it. I hope this post motivates you to really acknowledge the need to worship God. Don’t let little things in your church hinder your worship. Remember, God has ordered worship by the place, purpose, practice and participants. Where do you worship? Can you worship outside of the Church? If not, what’s hindering you from continually worship? Why are you worshipping? To exalt God or yourself? Make sure you are worshipping God with your gifts in spirit and in truth. We all have the only requirement to be a worshipper: breath in our bodies. While not all are called to sing in the choir or in the praise team, we’ve all been called to praise God.

“Learning to Ask the Right Question” – Rev. Vanessa Ward


Saturday, September 25, 2010 at the Mahogany’s Child Wellness Conference, Rev. Vanessa O. Ward preached as our lunch keynote speaker. Coming from the text Mark 11:27-33, she entitled her sermon “Learning to Ask the Right Questions”.

 Here are her sermon highlights:

– We’re in some of the situations we’re in because we didn’t ask the right questions.

– God’s questioning causes us to evaluate what’s most important in our lives.

  • He already knows the answers to our toughest questions.
  • His questions remind us who He is.

– We don’t have to answer every question posed to us.

  • Some people don’t want you asking tough questions because you’re getting answers that will make your life better and make them reexamine their lives. These people will ask questions that cause us to question God’s will or the answers we’ve just gotten from God.

– Not asking the right question can get us into trouble.

– What do you put your time and money behind? What do you support?

– How to Pose the Right Question:

  1. You must evolve to walk under the authority of God: When we walk under the authority of God, we begin to ask questions according to His will and not ours. Psalms 1 tells us to speak boldly in the authority of the Lord! It’s not always comfortable to walk under His authority,  because it disrupts the flow of things and minimizes our authority.
  2. You can’t be shaken by the opponents: The enemy tries to base our possibilities off of our pasts. He determines what God can do based on our skills, education and family background, while God determines what can be done based on His unmerited favor.
  3. Realize God is concerned about the questions we ask: God has a plan for our asking these questions. We are all a part of a plan that’s not just for us. Our deliverance affects others. Righteous living builds the kingdom of God.  We’ve gotta trust God. He has a plan for us!

Snob’s Reflection:

So, Rev. V. Ward is one of my favorite preachers of all times. She is the primary reason I attended this conference. I look up to her since she is a beautiful, virtuous woman of God. Her sermon definitely made me look at my current situation and start asking questions that I really don’t wanna ask, like “What does God really want me to do in my life?”, “Where does God want me to go?”, “How does God want me to serve Him? In what capacity?”. Sometimes we have the right questions to ask, but we’re afraid to ask, because we aren’t ready for answers that counter our will.  Also, we’re afraid of moving outside of our circles, because, as Rev. Ward said, when you ask questions that cause you to grow, others have to start re-examining themselves and they’ll change, too or get angry and rebellious.

So, do you know how to ask the right questions about your life and of others? If not, pray and ask God to give you wisdom like King Solomon did and you’ll be blessed. If you know how to ask the right questions, but don’t want answers that counter your will, it’s time to submit and surrender our will to His.

May God bless you and all those around you with peace in all your circumstances and decisions. Start asking the questions He’s told you to ask. He already  has the answers, you’ve just gotta ask. Remember, to ask the right questions, you have to walk in His authority, stay strong when the enemies try to shake you, and remember those questions have to be asked.